Parco La Quiete Lonato Del Garda

A park with countless possibilities for entertainment

4 five-a-side football pitches, 3 beach volleyball courts, mini golf course, 3 basketball courts, table tennis

Beach volley

The ultimate summer sport played on beaches the world over is volleyball. At the La Quiete Park we have at your disposal 3 beach volleyball courts. These camps are decked with Caribbean white sand, a feature that will allow our guests to play in comfort, even on the hottest days. As the spheroidal quartz sand used doesn’t burn, isn’t abrasive and causes no dust.


Nestled in the park’s greenery you can find three basketball courts. In the last few years this sport has become increasingly appealing to our visitors. In order to meet our customers’ needs, management decided to add some courts to the complex. Courts are free of charge, book in advance to insure availability. Let the games begin!

Five-a-side football

5-a-side has always been the quintessential summer sport. As a matter of fact this is the most popular sport with our visitors in the hot summer months in the waterpark. Pitches are available from opening to closing time at the aquatic centre and are free of charge. To ensure availability why not phone ahead to the main office and book a pitch! Footballs are also for sale in the aqua park’s Bazar.

Table tennis

We thought of those who don’t like team sports too! We offer table tennis courts, where you can refine your technique and enjoy some carefree fun. Table tennis can be a great interlude in between dips, suitable for all: a perfect way to get some exercise whilst having fun with friends.


The Park’s mini golf provides a 14 hole circuit suitable for both adults and children. You can hire all the equipment needed from the La Quiete Aquatic Park’s main office. The hire tariff is as follows:

  • 3,00€ if taller than 140cm
  • 2,00€ if shorter than 140 cm

Tricky obstacles and arduous holes are just waiting to be overcome! Who will win?


Another popular summer activity is water aerobics. Undoubtedly a favourite sport for women, who, taking advantage of the free babysitting service provided by the La Quiete Park’s management, can devote themselves to their body’s wellbeing. Water aerobics gently tones the body, without straining the joints. All fitness classes, including water aerobics, are free of charge and held simultaneous with the “Babyland” service, situated in the park’s kids play area. From Monday to Friday Valentina will wait for you in the water and with her competence and friendliness will be with you all summer long. Here’s the timetable:

  • Muscular awakening 11.00
  • Water aerobics in the Family Pool 15.00
  • Water dancing in the Lagoon Pool 16.00

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Parco La Quiete Lonato Del Garda

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